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Vanderbilt Modern Philosophy

We have created a new virtual venue for historians of philosophy, interested in anything between the Renaissance and late Idealism, to share their ideas.

Thanks to the efforts of Professors Karen Ng, Idit Dobbs-Weinstein, and yours truly, the VAMP initiative is now entering its second year. On November 3rd, we hosted Prof. Willi Goetschel (University of Toronto) for our plenary lecture. We are now selecting abstracts for our second Spring Seminar series, which will focus on the theme of "Nature" in the Modern period (1500-1800 AD).

The goal of VAMP remains the same: to provide a venue to share research and ideas, overcoming the traditional disciplinary boundaries of "Renaissance", "Early Modern", "Late Modern", etc.

We also want to get rid of the (less than useful) contrast between "Continental" and "Analytic" history of philosophy. We believe that mutual cross-fecundation and interaction between these approaches can lead to a better, more profound understanding of the issues at play in the history of philosophy.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your proposal!

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