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Anne Conway - A spiritual immanentist?

One of my latest projects, which I am happy to have successfully concluded, is an investigation into the philosophical equilibrium that Anne Conway (1631-1679) was attempting to achieve between a transcendent and an immanent conception of God.

In her Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy, Conway discusses the theme of the real presence of God in the world through the use of a fantastical, original mixture of religious and metaphysical themes, appealing to notions coming from Gnosticism, Quakerism, Kabbalah, and of course, traditional trinitarian Christianity.

My assessment of her conclusive answer to the question - is God immanent or transcendent with respect to the world he created? - leans toward considering Conway an immanentist, in the specific sense of a believer in the concept of immanent causation as the only one capable of accounting for God's creation.

If you are interested in how I argue for this answer, make sure to check out my piece, which will be published as a chapter entitled “Transcendence and Immanence in Anne Conway”. The chapter will be included in a volume called Dios y la filosofía. Una aproximación histórica al problema de la trascendencia, edited by L. Bastos Andrade and R. Casales Garcia, to whom I am most thankful.

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